As part of the “Madde 1” workshops led by the , a collaborative acoustic lighting workshop was successfully conducted in partnership with Feltouch/ZeroBurn.

During the first phase of the workshop, participants gathered at the Feltouch event and design center for an intensive theoretical training session covering acoustic principles. Conducted by the Feltouch Marketing and R&D team, interactive sessions provided participants with insights into the importance of acoustics in interior lighting design. By examining waste and remnants, they prepared sketches and gathered ideas for the lighting designs they would develop the following week.

The second phase, held at the Turkey Design Council’s headquarters on Kuzguncuk Pier, focused on translating theoretical knowledge into practical application. Guided by instructors, participants had the opportunity to bring their creative concepts to life. The resulting colorful and diverse artistic creations will be exhibited at Kuzguncuk Pier from March 4th to 20th.

Zero Burn will continue to showcase a strong integration of circular design and waste management by offering similar workshops and providing participants with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.