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Feltouch was at Cologne Orgatec with Zero Burn!

Feltouch, which produces, develops and designs sustainable acoustic designs, was at Cologne Orgatec, one of the biggest fairs in the office interior design and furniture industry. Feltouch, one of the biggest supporters of Zero Burn, exhibited the designs it obtained from its waste as part of the Zero Burn project.    

NEW Molding Experiments Of Zero Burn

Exciting exploration and research still continues. It will be possible to make industrial designs with new trials. We shredded the Mandarin fabric plate waste covered on natural felt in the crushing machine to recycle it. The shredded material became finer and closer to fiber. We tried mini molding with this material. In our first experiment, […]

Zero Burn was at Material District!

  The Material District took place in Utrecht on April 5-7. In the event where many materials were exhibited, Zero Burn took part in a booth in collaboration with Feltouch. Roll Baffle designed by the Envisions Design Lab team, Feltouch waste materials, Feltouch colors, V-cut samples, plates obtained by shredding and combining waste were exhibited. […]

Experiments Of Zero Burn

We set out 6 months ago to support products that use less energy and have a longer life in the Circular Economy model. In this journey of discovery, we discovered how to use the material in different aspects through the work of Envision Design Lab and Ottan Studio. We recombined PET felt leftovers with heat […]

Circular Transition

Zero Burn focuses on the transition from a linear to a circular production process. It reduces a company’s impact on the environment and society, while also decreasing its dependency on outside sources. Now, to make responsible and well founded decisions we’ve invited Circular Economy consultant Heleen de Fooij to pay the Feltouch factory a visit. Her […]

OTTAN Joined Zero Burn Project!

OTTAN Joined Zero Burn Project! OTTAN tried to mix some agriculture waste materials with Feltouch PET felt leftovers. We got new different experiments from OTTAN   About OTTAN An impact startup focused on up-cycling green waste into high-quality materials to be used in interior design and industrial design products. We see the beauty in the pieces of […]

Circularity Quickscan by Heleen de Fooij

      On 16 September 2021 circularity consultant Heleen de Fooij from Witteveen + Bos visited Feltouch with a delegation of Feltouch and ZeroBurn. This short memorandum contains a quickscan of the Feltouch production process’ circularity. Please click the link for more information.   20210916 Circularity Quickscan   Author: Heleen de Fooij MSc   […]