2021-2023 SUMMARY 

Zero Burn is happy to share that we’ve made about 150 materials experiencing collaboration with 12 international material designers. We have already visited 8 universities and attended 5 international exhibitions in Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands. Hundred Thousand of visitors had put attention on the Zero Burn online channels. Thanks to all of this we have found about 6 artistics outcomes with the leftover material of Feltouch acoustics . We also found the industrial outcome which we will make the zero waste production possible in the future. This year we will implement this into the production and we are looking forward to see the new designs from Zero Burn Material.


Why do we do this project?

With the knowledge we have today on how products impact the environment we can transition from products that have a linear lifetime to products which can be taken back into the chain. Feltouch already made a great step towards responsible manufacturing by using at least 50 percent recycled pet bottles and avoiding rest material as much as possible. Cutting material during production, however, is unavoidable. Together with the automotive industry felt production is facing 5 ton of waste material monthly. This is going to the stake now, which in this case, is a waste of material and harms the environment.

How do we want to create transition?

To build the process in a responsible way we will collaborate with consultancies, professors and students. We will research the area of the factory and see if we can make any symbiose with other leftover materials. Turkish and Dutch designers with great feeling for material will be involved to experiment with the material.

What is the aim of the project?

We hope to make the topic “circularity” more understandable to inspire the manufacturing industry of Turkey and give an idea how to solve this topic. We aim to find a beautiful innovative material with a high artistic value.

What is the value of the project?

Zero Burn should solve what to do with the leftover material, but also to be able to take the products made from PET felt back into the chain. This new material will be a wonderful design field for product designers.

“Love the earth, respect nature, we say: Zero Burn”