We set out 6 months ago to support products that use less energy and have a longer life in the Circular Economy model. In this journey of discovery, we discovered how to use the material in different aspects through the work of Envision Design Lab and Ottan Studio.

We recombined PET felt leftovers with heat and pressure. We obtained new designs by printing on textile leftovers. We tried their different combination by using stitches in the materials. We are focusing on two models by which we will ensure sustainability with all these methods. We will share with you the work we have done on these two methods very soon.

You can examine all the work we have done in this process and get inspired on your journey.


Envisions Design Team 

Sanne Schuurman (creative direction)
Fabian Briels (designer)
Frederik Deschuytter (designer)
Bastiaan de Nennie (designer)
Lilian Onstenk (designer)
Michael Wolf (designer)
Ayşe Yılmaz
photography by Envisions / Ronald Smits